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Today, I got my mRELEVANCE business cards. I feel so official! I mean, I am a business card holder now.

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Job search OVER


To me, typing the title to this post was an amazing feeling–my job search is over!

I am excited about this part of my transformation and feel that my past experience, especially with the amazing Laura Scholz at Scholz Communications, has prepared me for my new position at mRELEVANCE. I want to thank Laura and everyone else that has supported me in my endeavors.

I started working part-time at mRELEVANCE on July 18, and I look forward to working full-time (starting tomorrow!) and learning lots more about the world of PR. I now feel that I’m a true PR professional, instead of just a recent grad!

To all that are still job searching or just graduated, here is a scripture verse that I’ve read over and over again…and will read over many more times in the future for encouragement:

“In everything you do, put God first, and He will direct you and crown your efforts with success.”

– Proverbs 3:6

Life is not controllable

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Up till now, I tried to control my life by making plans/goals and accomplishing them. I tried to follow all of the “steps”, and I had a pretty good handle on controlling my life this way.

For instance:

I did well in high school…I applied and was accepted into UGA. I did well in college…I graduated on time (even after being sick for almost a semester) with two degrees and a 3.3 GPA. I excelled at my internships during and after college…I landed a full-time PR job.

Strike that last part. It hasn’t happened yet. I can’t control this part of my life. I can’t decide who will or when someone will hire me.

Loser. Slacker. Not good enough. These words pop into my head daily. No, hourly. I mean, it seems like almost all of my other college PR friends have found full-time jobs. Why can’t I? Is there something wrong with me? There must be, because my experience is solid…

This way of thinking could send anyone down a spiral of self-loathing–which turns into lack of self-confidence.

I don’t need that in my life. Luckily, I have people close to me that say, “It hasn’t happened yet because the job you finally get will be perfect, and at least you have a great part-time job while you are looking.”

They’re completely right. Even though the positions I have interviewed for seemed to be my “fit”, none of them were the perfect fit. Until I find that fit, I can continue to gain more experience and knowledge at my current position.

So, the search continues, and I’m learning that life is not controllable.

*Know of PR openings in Atlanta? Contact me about them!*

(Wo)man’s best friend

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These past few weeks have consisted of work, some play, applying for full-time jobs and interviewing. More on my job search later. This post is dedicated to my new best friend, my puppy Genevieve.

How did I chose that name? Well, I named her after the storybook character Madeline‘s dog.

Genevieve will be four months old on June 7. She is a mutt–a mix of schnauzer, chihuahua and beagle. Her favorite activities include chasing her tail, playing with her toys (especially the chew toys), getting belly rubs, chasing balls and chewing on leaves (they are her all time fave snack, hMe and Genevievea ha).Genevieve

She has taught me a lot these past few weeks. For one, I can no longer only think of myself. I have Genevieve to look after and keep in mind when making decisions.

Even though it’s hard at times training a new puppy, I’m glad to have her in my life. Genevieve keeps me company, and I know that she will always be there for me. I mean, dogs are (wo)man’s best friend!

Stressful communication

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According to, America’s #2 most stressful job is a public relations executive.

Stressful job

Photo credit to

Why? As the article stated, “Public relations executives are ‘completely at the mercy of their clients…'”

Even though I’m not an exec, I feel the stress too! I believe that progressive communication with clients is essential. If a client is not giving any feedback or taking time to communicate, it’s either a sign of unhappiness or disorganization. Either way, one may lose the client.

In order to keep clients, PR professionals have to keep them happy and try to give them what they want. This task can be super stressful! The article explained that a PR professional’s success or failure “depends on the actions and decisions of clients, creating a stressful situation because their performance is in many ways out of their hands.”

Plus, PR professionals usually don’t have just one client–they have multiple, adding to the stress level. Sometimes, I get stressed out because it’s not always easy keeping up with all of the clients and still doing every project well (but one has to in order to keep all of those clients). Sometimes, I feel that I’m doing so much, but, at the same time, nothing at all. That’s where communication comes in.

In order to relieve my stress, I communicate with my colleagues and clients. Then, that nothing turns into more of a something (at least it feels that way), and the stress goes away.

Tumbleweed Tales

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Until I was ten, I lived in California. As a kid, I remember having to pick out the tumbleweeds from our yard. They were a daily reminder that we lived in a desert–the Antelope Valley Desert.

On March 23, as mentioned in this post, I traveled back to the same desert. I was expecting to see lots of tumbleweeds and lots of brown scenery. To my surprise, it was so much more beautiful than I remembered (I hadn’t been back since I was 16). Because it had rained the week before, everything looked fresh and green. I saw the desert differently and was even in awe of it.

Besides getting a new perspective of my childhood home, I had so much fun on my trip! I got to see my dad and other family members, such as my uncle, and got to meet my dad’s girlfriend’s family in Arizona. We ate “real” (in comparison to GA) Mexican food, went to a couple Dodgers spring training games and even went to a Coyotes hockey game. I’m so glad that I got to bond with my dad and meet new people.

Here are some pictures from the land of tumbleweeds :):


Desert meets snow-covered mountains


My dad lives in Palmdale, near my home town of Lancaster.

Delicious Mexican food

Windmills near Palm Springs, CA

Me and my dad at the Dodgers game in Arizona

Rock formations on the way to Burbank, CA

I love palm trees.

Coyotes game in Arizona

Dodgers spring training game #2

Me and my uncle toasting with the must-have drink for Mexican food--Margaritas!

Camp-out on Fort Mountain

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As mentioned in my post “This city girl can camp too”, on Saturday, March 19, my friends and I traveled to Fort Mountain to camp-out for the night. After pitching our tent, we took a walk around the lake, which was right near our campsite, and even hiked up the mountain to see the fort.

The fort, really a stone fire tower, was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps. Leading up to the fort was an ancient rock wall. This mysterious 855-foot-long wall is thought to have been built by early Indians as fortification against more hostile Indians or for ancient ceremonies—but no one knows the real reason. We certainly couldn’t figure it out!

Here are some pictures:

View from the top of the fort

Setting up the tent

Going on an adventure


Pretty lake

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